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General Shipping Policy

You know, friendship is a beautiful thing. Something to be cherished and preserved at all costs. Now, we wouldn't want to tarnish our relationship with something like a silly misunderstanding, would we? We knew you would see it our way, which is why we are letting you know exactly how this works, up front. If you have any questions or comments about our shipping policy (or anything, really), Let us know here. We promise not to hold it against you.

Shipping Charges

Shipping charges are clearly displayed on the site as well as within your cart prior to purchase. The shipping charges displayed are for shipment via FedEx Ground, FedEx Smart Post, or USPS (mostly FedEx Smart Post). We will choose the shipping service that best suits your order. If for some reason you need your order expedited, you can contact us here and place a request for this to happen. It may be possible (or not), and if it is, you will be charged for the additional postage of expedited shipping. Shipping is non-refundable. [Back to top]

Shipping Addresses

When you place an order with That Daily Deal, we ask that you provide a shipping address for your order. This address must be verifiable by BOTH FedEx and USPS. If you think there is something wrong with the address you provided (such as a typo, old address, wrong zip code, etc.), please contact us ASAP here so we can correct the issue prior to the shipment of your order. We are not responsible for parcels that are shipped to an address that was incorrectly provided by the customer. If your order is returned to us due to insufficient address and we are unable to reach you to clarify the issue in a timely manner, you will be refunded for the order at 75% due to a restocking fee. As previously stated, shipping is non-refundable. If a notice is left for pick-up at the address that was provided by the customer and the item is unclaimed after the time standards set by your local parcel carrier's office, the item will be returned to as 'Unclaimed.' If this happens, you will be refunded for the order at 75% due to a restocking fee (shipping is still non-refundable). [Back to top]

Shipping Perimeters

We ship to the contiguous USA. Unfortunately, this doesn't include APO/FP/DOD or Hawaii & Alaska addresses. If you place an order with an APO/FPO/DOD or Hawaii & Alaska address, your order will be canceled and credited with or without notice at our discretion. You've been warned. [Back to top]

Logistically Speaking

Orders are shipped within 10 business days of purchase from our facility in Tennessee (unless otherwise stated). We are not responsible for delays due to carrier issues, weather, the zombie apocalypse, etc. [Back to top]

When something goes wrong...

Here is the ugly truth of the matter. We at That Daily Deal are not responsible for items that have been shipped to an address that was incorrectly provided by you, have been stolen, or have been lost by the parcel carrier. In the unlikely event of your parcel was lost or stolen, please contact us as soon as possible here, and we can review the issue further. We reserve the right to cancel an order at any time prior to shipment and credit appropriately. All orders placed on That Daily Deal are subject to the terms of our shipping policy. [Back to top]

This shipping policy can be revised at any time by That Daily Deal or Jammin' Butter. Revisions will be posted within this published policy where applicable. The last revision to this shipping policy was made May 03, 2011.