EXTREME SGD - Fireproof AND Waterproof Document Bag Set - Protect your stuff! - You get BOTH a large and small bag in this set - $1.49 shipping, but order 2 or more sets and SHIPPING IS FREE!

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Mavekk Fireproof Document Bag Set (2-Pack)

Keep your life's important documents always SAFE with CONFIDENCE.

MAVEKK is more than just a document bag. It offers you confidence that your life’s important documents are always safe from FIRE and WATER.

Our fireproof bags are a great alternative to the bulky and heavy safe. They are portable, easy to grab in case of an emergency. Keep them under your bed, drawers, and even inside your everyday bag! Use them during travel or to weatherproof your valuables.

Perfect fireproof container, protector, or organizer for:

  • Birth and marriage certificates
  • Passports
  • Irreplaceable photos
  • Property documents
  • Wills and other legal documents
  • Cash and jewelry

    Product Features

    3 Layers of High-Quality Fireproof Materials

    These fireproof bags are made of three layers of fireproof materials: silicone coating, fiberglass cloth, and aluminum lining. The bags can withstand up to 2000 Fahrenheit and 500C for an extended period.

    Enhanced Waterproof Performance

    We take pride in our product's waterproof performance.

  • Made of silicone-covered fiberglass which is waterproof
  • Have waterproof zippers to better protect your documents from water
  • Lockable zippers


  • With a strong Velcro flap for additional protection
  • The document bag is foldable

    2 BAGS IN 1 PACK

    The pack comes with two bags: a document bag (11x15 inches) and a cash bag / wallet (5.5 x8.75 inches).

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