EXTREME SGD - CLEARANCE - ULTRA-TOUGH Spaceman Heavy Duty Dog Chew Toy for Aggressive Chewers - Fill with treats... or not! This thing is TOUGH and also provides a good dental cleaning for your pup while they chew - $1.59 shipping, but order 3 or more and SHIPPING IS FREE!

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Why choose this dog toy?:4 in 1 multifunctional design is the biggest feature of this dog toy, can meet the multiple needs of dogs, safety and sturdy bite is basic, rubber is not stone so shredding is unavoidable, we do not hurt the premise of the dog's teeth, as far as possible to make the toy the toughest, so that the dog is not so fast to shred him, 1 week to shred the toy, you can contact us for a refund, hope that every dog can play happily!

Squeaky Dog Toy: Dog chew toys for aggressive chewers with a built-in squeal design that makes funny sounds when chewing. Squeaks attract the dog’s attention and make chewing more exciting.stimulated the dog’s hunting instinct, allowing the dog to release energy.

Teeth Cleaning Dog Toys:Help improve your dog’s dental hygiene to keep them healthy and save money on your dog’s dental bills. Put pet toothpaste on the toy to Chewing can help clean teeth(dental calculus) and control plaque and tartar,Comes with a brush for easy cleaning.

Interactive Dog Toy:Fill snacks in the toy to exercise the dog’s brain, which will help meet the dog’s instinct needs, train the pet’s sense of smell, and let the dog enjoy fun feeding when using the nose or paw to move the slider, while providing spirit stimulate.

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