EXTREME SGD - Nano Double Sided Gel Grip Traceless Tape - This stuff is incredible with an enormous amount of uses! - One inch wide and about 10 feet long! Cut to any size you need! You can even wash and reuse this stuff!! $1.49 shipping, but order 3 or more and SHIPPING IS FREE!

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  • PMMA Nano Material – The material is very different from other tape in safety, it is more friendly to the human body.
  • This transparent alien tape can fix lots of things at any time and has light transmittance comparable to glass. You can fix the mobile phone, or charging line, pen ruler, bottle, scissors. The nano alien tape can stick them,and they can be taken down at any time. Also be able to mend daily necessities. As long as you have enough creativity, it can always help you solve life problems.
  • I use it all the time, and also help my friends to solve many little problems. If you've only used it with little experience, Please watch the video released by people with experience, ensure that the right way to give full play to the functions of products.

    Easily stick firmly

  • Suitable for most solid surfaces except rough particles or coated surfaces
  • It’s a perfect solution if you want to organize every space in your house in the most convenient way.
  • Double-sided tape heavy duty is very convenient to use. It can be cut to any desired length. You can also arbitrarily stretch, twist, or fold it.
  • Size Thick: 2mm Width: 3cm Length: 3m

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