EXTREME SGD - Pocket-Fire Ultra Bright Pocket Sized Rechargeable Adjustable Beam COB LED Flashlight with Side SOB LED Task Light - Also features a strobe signal / self defense setting - SEE THE VIDEO - SHIPS FREE!

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The Rundown...

Featuring a 500 MAH rechargeable battery, you can recharge anywhere that has a USB port available. Never worry about needing batteries for power. Get a full charge in just 20 minutes. The battery recharges with an included micro USB to USB cable. Connect to your laptop, car charging port, or wall charing port.

Our USB Rechargeable Adjustable Focus Flashlight is designed to be sleek and convenient while also providing multiple functionalities. This light measures in at approximately 4" inches tall and 2" inches wide, making it easy to take with you anywhere. Featuring engraved rings on the flashlight body and a wrist strap, your grip is secured.

Product Features
  • Size: 3.75"
  • 3 Stage Switch - Full COB, Full 5W Bulb, Strobe COB
  • 3 Stage Switch - Full COB, Full 5W Bulb, Strobe COB
  • 200 Lumen Side Light
  • 300 Lumen Adjustable Focus Light
  • 500 MAH Rechargeable Battery (Battery is Included)
    - Rechargeable Battery - Full Charge : 20mts
  • Micro USB Cable Included
  • 300 Lumen - 5W Bulb
    - Run Time : 1.5hrs
    - Strobe : 2.5hrs
    - Adjustable Focus
  • 200 Lumen - 3W Bulb
    - Run Time : 1.5hrs
  • Black Color
  • With Lanyard

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