SEE THE VIDEO - Universal Gravity Mount Cell Phone Holder - VERY easy to use and secure mount for most cell phones! - WHY is this so cool? Well, it fits your phone, your friends phone, the phone you buy a year from get the idea :) - $1.89 shipping, but order 2 or more and SHIPPING IS FREE!

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This item has a $1.89 flat rate unlimited shipping cost. (Please keep in mind we pay far more than that to ship it to you. We could provide "free shipping" on this item, but we would be forced to raise the price on the item. Charging this flat shipping charges allows the product price to be low and you can order several at that lower price.) You can order up to 12 and shipping is still only $1.89 total.

Unlike dashboard mounts that can impair your vision, the Gravity Phone Holder Vent Mount slots seamlessly into your air vent, ensuring that you get a better view of the road ahead of you without any dangerous obstructions. Added clamping teeth and a supportive triangular structure ensure your phone stays secure in the vent, and the rotating cradle lets you get a better view of navigation from all angles. Seamlessly lock and unlock Mounting your phone has never easier thanks to gravity sensor technology. Just place the phone in the holder and the arms will secure it automatically, no adjustments necessary.

Product Features
  • Gravity sensors locks phone into the holder using only one hand!
  • Rotating cradle for optimised viewing angles
  • Secure and scratch-free with rubberized clamping teeth
  • Wide charging hole for your phone cable
  • Universal design supports most phones and air vents

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