EXTREME SGD - 10 Piece Stainless Steel Clipper Manicure Set - (Editors note...these work GREAT!) this item has a 50 cent shipping charge, but if you order 2 or more and SHIPPING IS FREE!

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The Rundown...

Editor's note: Don't let the amazing price fool you. These are VERY nice clippers! One of my pet peeves are clippers that "mush" the nails and not cut them. These are NICE!

Your nails can look amazing each and everyday! With this 10-piece Manicure Set, you can save money and time by doing your own nails - fingers and toes.

What's Included: (1) Finger Nail Clipper, (1) Toe Nail Clipper, (1) Cuticle Cutter, (1) Cuticle Trimmer, (1) Cuticle Pushers, (1) Scissors, (1) Eyebrow Tweezers, (1) Double Sided Nail File, (1) Ear Picker, (1) Wallet Style Zipper Case (case design may vary)

Product Features:
  • Wallet style zipper case is great for travel
  • Designer style case (case design may vary)
  • Conveniently all in one set
  • Stainless steel tools
  • When open case it measures up to 9" long

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